Friday, 16 March 2012

My Thoughts: Day 19 of depressive episode; All quiet...for now.

Signing off the last post by saying my journey was about to get rough was premature, since the 13th the downward spiral has halted. A couple of things have helped since the last posting, firstly my beloved football club beat their fiercest rivals thus completing a double over them for the first time in 40 years, secondly I was given a excellent character reference from a friend for a volunteering position and having seen it it is clear they hold me in high esteem.

So those events have for the time being at least stopped the spiral by giving me a good (if only temporarily) morale boost. At the moment I am in limbo in how I’m feeling, I don't feel good, bad or just okay, its a strange void its almost as if me and the depression are in some sort of stand-off.

The next two days will be interesting, tomorrow i'm expecting the result of my second assignment for my course and the day after I will attending a selection day for a volunteer organisation where I will be informed whether I have been accepted to undergo training with them or not. 

Two good results from them could very well cut short this depressive episode or at the very least give me some more strength to withstand it...two bad pieces of news could simply plunge me back downwards.

16th March the journey continues.

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